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We Service and Install Most Major Brands, including the following:

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We Service and Install Both 80% Efficiency and 90% Efficiency furnaces!

We can upgrade your old 60% effieciency system to either an 80% or 90% Efficiency system to allow a substantial savings on your enrgy bill! Among many things, including cost differences, 90% Efficiency furnaces are vented using PVC plastic, rather than the traditional steel vent material. 90% furnaces also often need to be supplied with a separate combustion air vent to allow combustion air to be supplied from outdoors. This can often make 90% Efficiency furnaces more costly to install initially. 80% Efficiency furnaces are more like the older standard Efficiency furnaces, except the older style have a natural draft vent and 80% furnaces have a powered induced draft vent and utilize the standard galvanized steel class b vent. Whichever your choice of furnace, we can help you out!

High SEER = $$ Savings!

A High SEER number equals energy savings and more return on your initial investment. Although the cost may be slightly more, a high SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a measure of the total energy consumption of the Air Conditioning unit, divided by the seasonal energy input of the unit. The higher this ratio (it's number value) the better and more efficient the system will be. This Equals more performane for the money!

We Service & Install Heat Pump and Hydronic Systems

Heat Pump systems are much like the conventional split system Air Consitioning systems, except that the coil on each end (both inside and outside) are arranged to act as either an evaporator coil or a condenser coil, depending on the direction of refrigerant flow, which is controlled by the main control unit and a reversing valve for the refrigerant. These systems are not always the best for the climate of Colorado from the standpoint of cost to operate, but in milder weather, can be an energy efficient option. Heat pump systems come in a variety of configurations and setup oprtions, depending on your needs and the heat load of the building. PLease contact us for any further information on servicing or installing one of these systems.

Hydronic Systems are basically boiler heating systems, where a main boiler gereates the hot water or steam and heat is transferred through pipes and zone valves to the radiators that supply heat in each area of the building. These systems are very efficient and are very common. There are many different configurations of hydronic systems depending on the heating demands of the building. please contact us for further information on service or installation of one of these systems.

We service & install Hot Water & On-Demand Hot Water Systems

We install both types of systems, depending on your particular needs we can install on-demand systems to save big $$!

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